Econe Episcopal Church de Lefebvre Triumphant

We are the spiritual children of his deceased Holiness, St. Marcel Lefevbre, and members of the secretly founded Econe Episcopal Church de Lefebvre Triumphant. Before the full history of modern errors took hold of the "Catholic Church" our founder, St. Marcel Lefebvre, secretly founded a society of religious to carry on his message of True Tradition and True Catholicism, realizing his first religious order, the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth had caved too deeply into moral error to be salvaged.

Location: Switzerland

I'm the Archbishop of The Church you are reading about, I am a REAL BISHOP unlike that Cheetos, Brazil obesity in a wool dress, these tassels hold REAL FAITH.

Saturday, March 25, 2006



As if banning water-silk from crimson asses weren't enough, these girls, affronting the steps of a formerly HOLY CHURCH, have donned diaphragmed shaped helmets. HELMETS BY HELMUT!!! Schism and impromptu habedachery gone awry. Forgive us, Father Lange, we'll atone in our brandied-silly cells of episcopal isotoners. PUSSY WILLOW COVERS FOR THEIR SCALPS OF PEDOPHILIA?!?!?! This is certainly no ode to the great men gone before them. I'm reminded of the emminent Luigi Poggi, Eternal Reader, archivist and priest with out a degree at 22 and achieving the crimson pussy willow cover for himself at a quite ripe age. THAT'S THE REAL CHURCH !!! !! ! ! ! ! ! Milk-chocolate, cigarette smoking popes and late night cigars with shadowed prelates in Tridentine houses of worship. HOLY MOTHER SCHMITZ, SCREAM FOR OUR SOULS AND THE SALVATION OF HELMUT DARLING!

And to reward the former "Archbishop" -- no Mother Sheen, of a rainbow saucing few, puebsecents out of control, arrows toward their anuses, GOLDEN GATE INDEED, and now the promoter of what is supposed to be the most MYSTERIOUS AND HOLIEST GATE OF CHRISTENDOM, a further sign of SCHISM SCHISM SCHISM SCHISM and MARK OF THE BEAST !!! !!!

WE find it odd the negro "Cardinal" has fallen silent at a most opportune time to further his thoughts on all things irrelevant. We find exception in his most eminent synopsis on the "Life of refrigerators and Their Attachment to Holy Orders of Tanzanian Seminarians". His silence on the pronouncement of a sister of his having received the scarlet pussy willow threads is a sign that he's once again beating the campaign trail, AMIDST OTHER THINGS. The dance floors of Abba maniacs not excepted. HOLY SAUSAGES ACCOSTED THE WORLD OVER BY NEGRO PRELATES ASSUMING WHITE PIPING IN 08'. HELMUT LANG<>The formerly fat and presently Irish, the defunct and rewarded of Anal Gates abroad, all will receive the invalid pope's blessing to carry mission into places of great danger. Strap your buckles to bottles of Grappa, the Holy Ghost Father's haven't even seen such mission lands. The origin of Drag Queens from Sacristies will be revealed on the steps of a formerly Holy Basilica. Sing to the heavens that Ms. Liseux will shower sticks and stones to break the bones of mozzetta's shaven from holy bunny asses and velveteen lambs.

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Blogger SomeGuyMouthingOff said...

I always wondered why they came in different sized.

Holy Mother Fulton, pray for us that we made be made worthy of the promises of silk and lace.


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