Econe Episcopal Church de Lefebvre Triumphant

We are the spiritual children of his deceased Holiness, St. Marcel Lefevbre, and members of the secretly founded Econe Episcopal Church de Lefebvre Triumphant. Before the full history of modern errors took hold of the "Catholic Church" our founder, St. Marcel Lefebvre, secretly founded a society of religious to carry on his message of True Tradition and True Catholicism, realizing his first religious order, the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth had caved too deeply into moral error to be salvaged.

Location: Switzerland

I'm the Archbishop of The Church you are reading about, I am a REAL BISHOP unlike that Cheetos, Brazil obesity in a wool dress, these tassels hold REAL FAITH.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The Archbishop has been taken for the recent meetings of our own chapter. I am Cote du Rhone III, a vintage seminarian of the Econe Episcopal persuasion.

For our gathering of Traditionally handicapped and egotistically unchallenged, we've chosen a patroness, most rightly and estutely, someone other than that Latin bitch, Santa Barbara (its still a surprise those people are allowed into any church at all).

She is the claim to fame for the village of our Seminary de Cure, located secretly in the basement of the "seminary" of the SSPX, and our secret love when we are brandied and candied silly in the archbishops secret sacristy stash of socks and fringed attire.

The famed cinematic blip of crazy lentin obsessions by holier than thou types of the fat, cross gender types was filmed in the same place as our holy house. You may be familiar with the film "Chocolat" was filmed at our dismay in the same place.

To no avail, our meeting has taken place and we've agreed we still think the Vatican, sporty Bavarians aside and not participating, should go fuck itself.