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We are the spiritual children of his deceased Holiness, St. Marcel Lefevbre, and members of the secretly founded Econe Episcopal Church de Lefebvre Triumphant. Before the full history of modern errors took hold of the "Catholic Church" our founder, St. Marcel Lefebvre, secretly founded a society of religious to carry on his message of True Tradition and True Catholicism, realizing his first religious order, the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth had caved too deeply into moral error to be salvaged.

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I'm the Archbishop of The Church you are reading about, I am a REAL BISHOP unlike that Cheetos, Brazil obesity in a wool dress, these tassels hold REAL FAITH.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mon Dieu, Que Vos Enfants Sont Laids! Combien Pour la Fillette?!?!?

We assume the Holy Tongue of Econoe is understood by those seeking salvation, hence we dare not judge but just in case, our Holy Blog Title reads: My God! Your children are UGLY. How much for the little girl?!?!?!?

Holy Lefebvre's thoughts on the Church upon entering the seminary of the "Holy Ghost Fathers".
Let this maxim be our guide as we journey deeper into La Nef -- NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE HERETICAL PUBLICATION!!!!!!!!
"It would be quite nice if it were decorated with taste" was his next holy pursed-lip expression .
That "THE CHURCH" is need of interior decorators or those who wish to obsess with all things stylistic is cliche, that good taste is MISSING IS A REVELATION OF OUR HOLY FOUNDER AND HIS EPISCOPAL GLOVES!!! Those TRIDENTINE ISOTONERS SEEK ONLY THE HOLIEST HEADS FOR ORDINATION, hence we do not suffer from the scandals as of late.
But let us discover the current crisis assailing Fallen Rome: THE TRAFFICING OF CHILDREN! ACOLYTES ARE SHIPPED TRANS-CONTINENTAL, females too for the truly heretical, JOAN CHITTISTER IS THEIR PIMP!
Proof from a talk she gave at Women's Business Spirituality (INDEED!): A spirituality of work is that process by which I finally come to know that my work is God's work, unfinished by God, because God meant it to be finished by me...She has the NERVE TO MENTION CLIMAXING!!!!!!!!!
So we have a raging, lesbian pimp, Our Holy Interior Decorator Founder Lefebvre -- CERTAINLY NOT GAY, and where does he fit?
"My children, I have come to re-shape the form our holy pontiff Peter first put on the land of concrete gardens adorning the seven hills from which we nowbeyondeyong our Alps. Shades of blue, bolts of damask tiaras of gold, fake monsignors from left-over African prelates (THAT WACH BITCH!) a holy Last Supper without females (hedeliriousrious at that point) this is the kingdom we come to build! ch.5 v. I
He was referring to the Institute of Christ the King, Lord High Preserver of the Baroque Era, instead, he should have referenced himself. The Missal had been republished at thise point and it was past 1962, HE WAS HALF DEAD BY THEN. Heaccustomedstmed to things pretty, including our dishwashers and laundry maids.
From La Pimpessa's NCR column of Sept. 22, 2005, MORE TRAFFICKING DISCRETIONS:
Embracing that philosophy of life has made us a nation of grand corporate schemes and huge human fiascos.
What more does a dumb-NOVUS DISORDO SHEEP NEED?!?!?!?!?!?


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