Econe Episcopal Church de Lefebvre Triumphant

We are the spiritual children of his deceased Holiness, St. Marcel Lefevbre, and members of the secretly founded Econe Episcopal Church de Lefebvre Triumphant. Before the full history of modern errors took hold of the "Catholic Church" our founder, St. Marcel Lefebvre, secretly founded a society of religious to carry on his message of True Tradition and True Catholicism, realizing his first religious order, the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth had caved too deeply into moral error to be salvaged.

Location: Switzerland

I'm the Archbishop of The Church you are reading about, I am a REAL BISHOP unlike that Cheetos, Brazil obesity in a wool dress, these tassels hold REAL FAITH.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


As you see in the photo, to the "pope's" right is a man whose family is known for centuries as having ties to the Communist party.

His endorsement of the MISSA LUBE 'EM UP and preference for African Bare-chested men within liturgical processions are only two of the many vices filling his litany of UNHOLY PREFERENCES.

Our sources have it that he conspires in a small hill-side "chapel", adorned in LAVENDER with UNHOLY ACCESSIORIES from the NEW CHURCH LEAFLET MISSAL CO., with the SCARLET CLAD "Cardinal Bishop" of the HOMOSEXUAL MELTING POT (their entire day is spent smoking marijuana!) of LOS ANGELES, prophetically named after those legions of SATAN'S ANGEL'S!

We are sure during their "meetings" the two femmie "clerics" consume crushed VIAGRA mixed with box WINE from a "CHALICE" gifted to them both from the otherwise "funny" "cardinal" "Schutzenborn" -- aptly named for his "theory" that man originated from dogs -- and in heated passion, with the exchange of "EPENISCOPAL" rings, the two "church" "men" secretly pen the "rubrics" that will destroy the "Church".

Todays Lefebvre Rite reading call to mind this very evil: And sheep and lambs shall lay together, adorned in the garments of sacristans, giving forth the blood of calamnity and emnity. The dark abyss' shall be penetrated by the swords of evil, capped by the unholy jewish law. Ch. 6, V. IX The prophetic detail Our Holy Brother sends us is STAGGERING.

And because We are sure ALL HOMOSEXUALS ARE COMMUNISTS, for this evidence is written in their choice of leather wares, desires to visit far off destinations and calling each other names of "MASTER", "FATHER" and "DADDY" whilst partaking in their unholy of abominations -- CLEANING ONE ANOTHER'S SPICE RACK!



Holy Mother Sheen, Send us your taste in CAPPAS!

I am,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. A week before the conclave, Ratzinger and his minders meet in a quiet osteria off the Borgo Pio to work out a plan to get Ratzinger elected unanimously, or at least unopposed.

2. They decide he is going to have to do something really 'out there' to bring all the progressive cardinals on board. A plan is hatched . . .

3. At the popeski's funeral, as people are preparing for communion, Georg Gaenswein slips unnoticed into the 'ecumenical visitors' area, grabs the wheelchair containing the 90 year old Brother Roger of Taize, injects the nonogenarian with a long-term 'calming drug' and pushes his chair to the head of the line, where Ratzinger gives him communion (more than likely an unconsecrated host Ratzinger has kept aside for the purpose).

4. The progressive cardinals see Ratzinger communicating a famous protestant, so they all secretly agree among themselves 'with knowing glances' that Ratzinger is, after all, their man (the conservatives, though watching, convince themselves that Ratzinger would never communicate a protestant, and are convinced Brother Roger has secretly converted).

5. All is quiet until in late August, while holidaying at Castel Gandolfo, the conspirators receive a letter from Brother Roger, in which he makes it obvious the drug has now worn off and he has worked out the detials of the conspiracy and plans to come to the Vatican to expose the fraudulent means by which Ratzinger stole (and canned) the papal tiara.

6. So Ingrid Stampa is dispatched to Taize, disguised as '36 year old Romanian madwoman' and does her worst. She will now be 'locked up for life' at which point Ingrid will quietly return to Rome to continue to look after the cats - a task currently being ably handled by Georg.

7. And to think no one guessed it.

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