Econe Episcopal Church de Lefebvre Triumphant

We are the spiritual children of his deceased Holiness, St. Marcel Lefevbre, and members of the secretly founded Econe Episcopal Church de Lefebvre Triumphant. Before the full history of modern errors took hold of the "Catholic Church" our founder, St. Marcel Lefebvre, secretly founded a society of religious to carry on his message of True Tradition and True Catholicism, realizing his first religious order, the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth had caved too deeply into moral error to be salvaged.

Location: Switzerland

I'm the Archbishop of The Church you are reading about, I am a REAL BISHOP unlike that Cheetos, Brazil obesity in a wool dress, these tassels hold REAL FAITH.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Apostolic Greetings aus Zurich!

Our Holy Founder

That the grace of God may freely flow from Us to the faithful, We of the Econe Episcopal Church de Lefebvre Triumphant post this inaugural blog, keeping with the demands of Our modern times and evermindful of the dynamic force in history that is God, present at the Holy Mass and now available through fiber-optic cables.
Today, as on the day of Our Holy Erection, let us chorally ejaculate our hymn of thanksgiving: DEO GRATIAS!
Apostolic Blessings, Peace and Health to all!

+M.J., Arch Episcopus


Blogger David L Alexander said...

"Today, as on the day of Our Holy Erection, let us chorally ejaculate our hymn of thanksgiving..."

I'm getting a disturbing mental picture of this. You sure English is your first language?

Blogger Arch Episcopus said...

No, my son, PRAYER is Our first language, and with our Church as in my home, ejaculations are are on every tongue and in every thought.

"Disturbing mental picture"?

Blogger David L Alexander said...

If I have to explain, you obviously haven't heard many confessions.

Blogger Arch Episcopus said...

If you are suggesting my people masturbate while singing polyphony at our solemn'd be correct.


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